English Learner's Software on KSK Computers

On our 13 KSK computers (library area) six different packages of learning software have been installed and are ready for use !

1. Fun with Texts

Puzzles, Word Games etc. : Select ENGLISH1.FW3, ENGLISH2.FW3, ENGLISH3.FW3 and ENGLISH4.FW3.

2. Tense Buster Intermediate

Comparisons (as...as, than), the passive, relative clauses, future tenses, conditionals (if-sentences), vocabulary, How to learn faster. Tests included.


3. Tense Buster Upper Intermediate

The present perfect tense, modal verbs (must, might, can't), past continuous, conditionals, the future tense, vocabulary, How to learnfaster. Tests included.


4. Tense Buster Advanced
Past perfect tense, articles, reported speech, passives, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, How to learn faster. Tests included.


5. Volume 6: Advanced Grammar

Present tenses (incl. present perfect tense); conditionals (all three types);gerunds and infinitives; clauses of concession, comparison, conditional, purpose, result; relative clauses; nouns, phrases, adjectives, adverbs, participles, word order (including definite articles, countable and uncountable nouns, reflexive pronouns, some and any + compounds, whatever, whoever etc. each other, comparison (the...the, as... as), adverbial phrases (still, ever hardly etc.).


6.Volume 8: Advanced Functions

Complete sentences: verb phrases: giving advice, asking for help, complaining, apologizing, inviting, thanking, accepting, refusing, requests and offers, instructions and obligations, opinion, agreeing, disagreeing and Medley (a mixture);

gapmaster: fill in the gaps, words and phrases in the form required;

storyboard: find the story by inserting words;

pinpoint (help your English)