Useful Links

Teaching English

SATE  (Swiss Association of Teachers of English)

TESL-EJ, Teaching English as a Second Foreign Language, Journal

British Council (a good forum!)

TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Virginia, USA, forum)

Teachit Teachit (excellent!)

Eva L.Easton (various categories)

One-stop English (various resources, Macmillan Publ.)

The Internet TESL Journal (monthly web journal, good!)

The National Council of Teachers of English (requires registration)

IATEFL (Univ. of Kent,  good links also to journals)

EduFind (rich resources)

it's teachers online (good resource center, subscription, Euro 13.50/year)

English Teaching in the United Kingdom

Teaching Ideas (also activities, above all reading)


Encyclopedias / Dictionaries

Encyclopedia Britannica (the best, but requires log in)

500 online dictionaries: index to 500 online dictionaries

Wordwizard: super site(!): quotations, neologisms, slang, survey

Britannia Internet Magazine

Encyclopedia (very good, free access)  


Webster Dictionary !!

Langenscheidt Online Dict. (free!) at present: En-Sp/Sp-En

Roget's Thesaurus

Dictionary (good; En into 6 languages)!

Cambridge International Dictionary

Oxford English Dict. El. Text Center 

Dictionary German-English (good)

Linguadict, big online-dictionary German-English

Quick Dictionary (En into 16 languages)

Collin's Dictionary (downloadable free modules !!)

English Dictionary-Thesaurus (+activities)

Travel Dictionary

Free Dictionary (good !!)


The American Heritage Dictionary

Bio Tech Science Dictionary !

Link to dictionaries of all languages (!)

Europe Multi-Language Dictionary (12 languages!)

Self-testing corner / Grammar / Listening / Slang / Wordskills / Wordgames

Test yourself !!

English Tests

Learning and test center, grammar online (fine!)

Various level-tests with EFL ESL    


The American Heritage Book of English Usage (as a reference a must, rich!)

English Learner (interactive tests and exercises (fine!)   

Grammar (test + grammar centre)

24-hour helpline, language help

English Grammar Online (large choice, very good)

Grammar help + hotline

Grammar/Vocabulary, rich choice (good!)  

Common Errors in English (rich) 

iT's Magazine On-line (good self-study archive)

Grammar, writing (+computer-graded quizzes)

Modern English Grammar (Daniel Kies)

English Space, a learning center (free log in)

Activities for ESL Students (quizzes, ex., good!)

Lyon English (ex. etc. also business E.)  

Learning English with BBC World Service

Global Distance Learning Channel

Language Learning Lab, Univ. of Illinois

English Letter Writing


Word skills

Word Games, Merriam Webster's ( fine!)

Vocabulary self-study quizzes (various levels)

ESL Phrasal Verbs 

Purdue University: Writing techniques

ESL Idiom Page

Jargon, Pretentious language

ESL Slang Page  

American Slang

Irish Slang (a fine site!)

Scottish Slang (good)


Vokabelmail (e-mails for words)

Acronym Finder

Etymology, neologisms

A new word a day

Xaleh's Vocabulary (with special fields !) 

Non-sexist language

English crime cases

Internet Translators

Free Text Translator (En into various languages)

Systran Translator (En into 8 languages)

Google Translator

Promt Translator

Heisoft Translator (various languages, kostenlos!)

Online Literature

The Library Web    

English Book Reviews on the Internet

US-Internet Library (downloadable)

Drama (downloadable plays)

Classics (Greek/Roman in English)

15th - 17th ct., Electronic Texts

Georgetown Internet Library    

English Lit. -1923 (downloadable) Gutenberg Project (good!)    

English Lit. On-line (downloadable) Bartleby Project 

Downloadable Literature (GB, USA, good!)

Studies Abroad / Exchanges


US-Schoolnet, different source

Studies in the USA

Exchange Schemes, work+travel, also USA, AUS, NZ     

Cambridge University

English Departments at Swiss Universities and Constance

Uni Zürich (v. good)

Uni Bern (v. good)

Uni Basel (good)

Uni Genf

Uni Fribourg

Uni Lausanne

Uni Constance (v. good)

Anglistik Guide (v.good, also access to other German Univ.)

Connecting Young People

Connecting youth (World's largest non-profit global network)

A teachers' network (for partnerships, exchanges)

International communication platform for kids

Global e-mailing network

Jokes / Various / Fun

English  Jokes for Learners (all levels!)

British Humour

American Humour


Chinese Page on English Humour (also in English)

Puzzlemaker (your own crosswords)

Word Puzzles

Song Lyrics (nearly any song)

English Internet Quiz

Mysteries (everything about mysteries!)



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