3Mc Biology 16/17

Biology exam, June 15, 2017


  1. Dossier pp 44–74, 76: Enzymes, Cell respiration, Fermentation
    (It is not necessary to know the names and formulae of the intermediate products of each step of cell respiration. But you should know the substances at the beginning and the end of each step.)
  2. Copy pp 81,82: Training and energy conversion in muscles

Plus work sheets, notes in your exercise books, links below


Some links are from Campbell online Chapter 48. Login is necessary

The Microbiome: Your Microbial Friends


The specific immune response


The humoral immune response

The cellular immune response


Other aspects of the immune response


Application of immunological methods in research and medicine



Some links are from Campbell online Chapter 48. Login is necessary

1. Basics


2. Synaptic transmission



3. Neurobiology of reflexes

a. Anatomy of spinal cord and kneejerk reflex (patelar reflex)

b. Anatomical basis of knee jerk reflex

c. Animation of knee jerk reflex

d. Working sheet: synaptic integration during the knee jerk reflex


4. Molecular receptors

a. Handout: Agonists and antagonists

b. Action of agonists and antagonists (animations)


5. Sense organs

a. General information

b. Vision


e. Long-distance orientation: satellite tracking of animals

Various sources of  information

Molecules of Life

The Inner Life of Cells – Animation


3D-representation of different (bio-)molecules





siehe auch"3D-Darstellung..." oben

Nucleic acids




DNA, Gene und Zellteilung

Untersuche die 3D-Struktur der DNA

Das Gene-ABC eine Internetplattform zur modernen Biologie


Schuljahr 2015/2016


1Mb  Bio  Che  Che Prakt.

2Ma  Bio  Che 

2Mz  Bio  Che  

3Ma  Bio  Che 

3Mb  Bio  Che   Che Prakt.

3Mc  Bio  Che   Bio Prakt.

3Mz  Bio  Che   Che Prakt.

4Ma: Bio  Che   Che Prakt.

4Mc: Bio  Che   Che Prakt.

3SPF 2016/17  Praktikum


3SPF 2015/16  Praktikum


Periodensystem (dt.)

Periodensystem interaktiv (dt.)

Periodic table of elements


Thermodynamische Daten

pK-Werte (engl. und dt.)


genetischer Code (RNA)


physikalische Einheiten

Gängige Einheiten